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  1. To participate in CW@LBS, you must first register yourself for the championship at . Once the registration is done your, CW@LBS username and password will be sent to you via email/SMS. Use the log-in credentials sent to you for all the online rounds.
  2. The rounds will involve solving the crossword clues which will be posted at 1030 Hours IST on every Sunday on under the head or app ‘CW@LBS’.
  3. You will be required to submit your solutions by 1700 Hours IST on the same day.
  4. The person with the fastest and all correct solutions will be awarded 100 points. The scores will move in a descending order based on the time taken and correctness of the solutions.
  5. A Leaderboard of the leading persons will be created for every Round. Leaderboard for every Round shall be posted on .
  6. A cumulative total score of all the persons for the Online Clue Rounds will be used for the Final Leaderboard after the Online Rounds.